I was captivated by glass the moment I came into contact with it at the age of eighteen.

I liked the way the material behaved, the heat, the rawness and the respect I need to give the glass in order to work with it. It is not an easy material to work with and I enjoy the challenges it presents.

I am always looking for something new to say in my art and this keeps me fresh and creative. I experiment constantly, always searching for new ways to express myself.

I enjoy combining other materials, such as corten steel, wood, acrylics and enamelled silver. Getting the balance and harmony between these elements is sometimes challenging, but when it comes together aesthetically and technically the results are tremendously rewarding.

From the very beginning I felt particularly drawn to the vessel form, finding it both humble and accessible. Each of my works can take many months to produce, so my annual production is limited.

I live and work in London and from 2015-2019 was a visiting lecturer at The Royal College of Art.  I have been represented for over twenty years by Galerie von Bartha, in Basel, Switzerland.

My training
1977-79 - Hounslow Borough College, London.
1979-82 - Middlesex Polytechnic, London.
1983-85 - Royal College of Art, London.